Sailing Trauma At The Devon Fishing Harbor

The pyjama-wearing sailors who were at the Devon Fishing Harbor had to run from their boats when as a 540ft cruise liner crashed into small yachts while entering Devon harbor. The authorities of Dartmouth Harbor said, they have launched an investigation and in the process of tracking down the damaged boat owners. According to the witnesses the boat owners the owners of the boat ran from their vessels when the 18,500 tone Saga Pearl II collided to the small boats parked at the Port of Dartmouth.

In the crash total four yachts have got damaged at the time when cruise ship tried to take the turn when the cruise line was being piloted by the master of harbor in the morning. Steve McMillan, from Brixham was in the Devon and witnessed the whole incident, he said, “The Saga Pearl II the cruise line collided with four yachts in the Dartmouth while it was on its way.

“The ship turned into extremely wide and looking at ships, people started running out of their boats all in their pyjamas. All of them run to the nearby pontoon which was adjacent to the yacht club. Thank god the club was not too far from the accident site.”

David Bown, another witness said: “I have lived here over four years and I have seen hundreds of boats here, all coming and going from different direction and moving in a different direction, but this is the things that I have never seen.”

“I believe at the time when this accident happened, fast flowing tide was running and probably, this might have affected things in the water. In the four vessels that collided one was the vintage vessel. While maneuvering to take the turn, the ship clipped four yachts and this caused the superficial damage.”

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